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Mauruuru roa!

As we come to the end of Hura Tahiti 2014, we would like to THANK all those who supported, participated and volunteered to help make this Hura Tahiti a success.

First, a HUGE Mauruuru Roa to our Judges:
Etua Tahauri, Rose Perreira, Lucy Fonoimoana, Tuko Tekurio and Iona "Papi" Teriipaia. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for the Tahitian culture you each hold dear to your heart!

Mauruuru Roa! to all the soloists (300+) who danced their hearts out all day Friday. The competition was amazing! Costumes were gorgeous! As we (the staff) prepared each age group to take the stage- we saw a lot of laughing, high five'n and picture taking. It was amazing to see such sportsmanship and support from all groups.

Congratulations to our Hura Tau & Hura Ava Tau groups that competed this year: Te Pura O Te Rahura'a, No to here o te hiro'a, Rahiti, Da island way, Te Varua Ori, Aloha Hula Dance Studio & Nemenzo for bringing the spirit of Tahiti to Santiago High School!! The drumming was strong! The dances were beautifully put together. Mauruuru Roa for your time, dedication and hard work.

Thank You to our House drummers! From our Hitia O Te Ra drummers: Tera-boy Tekurio, Mikey Malufau, Jonathan Distor, JR Chow, Hinano Tanielu, Malu Tekurio to our Fare Ihi drummers who travelled all the way from Tahiti, Uncle Stellio and Marcus Amen from Tamari'i Matairea- thank you for joining us this year!! Our crazy MC's! Auntie Valili, Aunty Vailana and Uncle!

Lastly, our amazing staff. You each worked so hard to help make Hura Tahiti a success. Tickets, raffles, security, back stage, scoring, hospitality, photographer & videographer. WE LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE all that you continue to do to help promote the Tahitian Culture. The tribute was beautiful, Thank you to the Black Pearl ladies for the beautiful Ahuroa AND our musicians: Alex Tekurio, Kalani Akui, Uncle Fili, Uncle Tuko, Papi along with Yvette Ma'o & Naomi Ugaitafa from the group Tupulaga for lending your Beautiful voices to our Ahuroa!

Looking forward to Hura Tahiti 2015!! IMUA!

- Tanya and Alex Tekurio




Results from the 2014 competition are up!

• 2014 Commemorative DVDs are available at pre-order prices through July 7th. Click here to order.

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